Stills from Girl Meets 1961 (x)

maya hart is literally so important


can we call it canon yet that maya is obsessed with classic rock? like, look at all of her band shirts.


maya should be such a heartbreaker in high school going from guy to guy and guys always having a crush on her and asking her out and she’d always reject them and if she doesn’t she breaks up with them like a week later

and lucas riley and farkle always make fun of her because of it and whenever a guy asks her out they’re always just like ‘this again’ and look at the guy like ‘get ready’

but in the end her and lucas get together beCAUSE THEY WOULD BE PERF


@SierraNMcCormic: ‘Tis with great pleasure that I show you all the photo I took for a cause that I support with every ounce of my being